Veterinarian, Escondido, CA


EL NORTE VETERINARY CLINIC has been at the same El Norte Plaza location for more than 20 years!. Dr. Tim Sherman has owned and operated the clinic since March, 2016. We are a one-doctor small-animal veterinary clinic which treats dogs and cats. Although Dr. Tim Sherman is the sole practitioner, he maintains close professional relationships with many local veterinary specialists, including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Radiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Oncology and Neurology and specialists.

Within the clinic we have blood-chemistry, anesthetic, respiratory monitoring, pulse oximetry, X-ray, electrosurgical and various other diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Dr. Tim Sherman performs many types of diagnostic, treatment and surgical procedures on the premises, while utilizing his contacts within the various specialty fields for referrals of more difficult cases.

A few of the services we provide at our clinic include: Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Wellness/Preventive Care, Vaccinations, Flea and Parasite Diagnosis and Control, Dental Cleaning and Extractions, Laboratory Diagnostics, very reasonably priced Spays and Neuters, Pain Management, In-house Pharmacy and diagnostic Radiology.

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OUR STAFF consists of:

MELONY FOSTER, who has been with the clinic since near its beginning 20 years ago! You will find her primarily at the reception desk, but she does it all. "Mel" generally has a household full of Mastiffs to keep her busy.

CHRISSY MUELLER first joined us in 2002 and performs both reception and technical duties- sometimes both at once! Her job description often changes rapidly, depending on what comes through the front door. Chrissy is also a busy and dedicated wife and mother at home, in addition to having several dogs, many of which came from our clinic (a "hazard" of working in th veterinary field).

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